Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Full Moon Ride Photos

Last night was a great ride. We all had fun despite the nasty head winds going out to Riverwalk Park. Here are a few snaps from the ride. Hope to see you next month!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Full Moon Ride 03-30-10
The full moon ride will be
starting at 6pm sharp. The Full moon ride will be meeting
at Beach Park
For more info contact Tina at

Friday, March 26, 2010

Billy Foster rockin the Bike Bakersfield Kit

Give it up to our buddy Billy for wearing our kit over in Hanford at the 2010 crit. Looking sharp!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keysville Classic Re-cap

March 20-21, 2010- The 22nd Keysville Classic Mountain Bike Stage Race, Keysville Ca.

This is one of the Toughest Mnt Bike Race courses in the U.S. and most enjoyable Mnt Bike Rec. areas in the Southern Sierra's. The course is an 8.2 mile figure eight loop with 1400 ft of climbing within it. A mix of punchy steep climbs, flowy single track, jeep trail and fire road keep you on your toes. The beginners (cat 4) do (1) one lap, sport (cat2) 2x, experts (cat3) 3x, and the Pro's do 4 laps, 33 miles and 5600 ft of climbing. The fast laps are 32-35 min. (mine being closer to 39-40 on this weekend) in the Pro's, and this weekend was no exception, as the field contained Carl Decker(GIANT), Vincent Lombardi (RocknRoad), Ramolo Forido, and John Nobil(both Big Bear Bikes/Speclzd). Even with a late start the pace was quickly on as the Pro left the gate. The weather was perfect and the flowers were out all over the eight miles of trail, adding something visceral to the suffering. I had been quickly dispatched from the front as the Big Bear Boys were lighting it up, doing there best to break Carl D. and the Frenchmen, Vincent, early. This was to the detriment of Nobil, who suffered a side wall cut and broken spoke, leading the charge has a price sometimes! My day came to a halt too, as I was on my final lap, my In-ability to put my water bottle back cost me my derailer cables, both front and rear, and my aspirations of a finish let alone a podium spot for the stage race were done,................ but the weather was nice!:)

Sunday was a bit hazier in the Valley but about the same in Keysville, a nice day for the Short Track and DownHill events. Again, off like a rocket we went, all be it a bit late. The field was a smaller but the pace was not, as I was sitting in third and second for a few laps, bringing back a gap, before blowing sky high. The gap that I did bridge, was the gap to have jumped to, as Carl Decker and John Nobil dropped the field(and me!). The finish was quite a dusty one as John and Carls bars hooked and John did "Pete Rose" style slide across the finish line, winning in style. As my hopes at the stage race were dashed on Saturday, and a 10th @ the short track, I was left with a bit of an empty feeling. I think it was more of an effect of the venue and the weather, as both were beautiful. The first of the two down hill runs were wrapping up and I had ridden up to pay my respects to Earth Quake Jake Watson, on the Dutch Flat trail, and I was wanting a bit more. With nothing left to do, I found my partner in crime for the afternoon, at the Big Bear camp, John Nobil. Off we went towards Kernville and Old State Road, the back way to the "Just Outstanding" trial, that starts at Alta Sierra ski resort. Well..... About three hours later, after several miles of climbing, a few miles of single track, snow and a half dozen fallen trees, we both started to get light headed and turned back. Within an hour we were back at the car, tired, but satisfied, and that's what I was needing! See ya next year.

Zac Griffin

Photos Via Six3Events

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bakersfield Critical Mass

We were e-mailed this flier and asked to put it up. We at Bike Bakersfield do support the Critical Mass but however do not run the Critical Mass. We will be attending everyone we can and so should you! Show your support in the cycling community and make our voices heard. Again this is not a Bike Bakersfield organized ride but please do show up with us!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you're not first you're last part 3

Via- &

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bike Bakersfield Race Team and Junior Develpoment club

Bike Bakersfield, Cycling and Pedestrian Advocates, Creates Public Race Team and Jr. Club.
Local Amateur Cyclists, of all ages and abilities can Ride/Race under the Bike Bakersfield Banner, promoting the City and Bike Bakersfield's Message, "Cycling For Everyday Transportation!" 
BAKERSFIELD, Calif.- Bike Bakersfield, Cycling for Everyday Transportation, is proud to introduce the 2010 Bike BakersfieldCycling Team and Jr. Development Club to the 2010 racing season, its inaugural season. We are very excited about this new opportunity that has presented itself to us and are extending this opportunity to you as a potential rider. All we require is a Bike Bakersfield Membership, ($25; this gives you access to our "member" work stations and tools.), a USA Cycling Licence (approx $60.00, registered to BikeBakersfield), and the purchase of a BBCT Basic Kit (Approx. $200 for 3 pieces, bib, jersey, & arm warmers), a total of 8 pieces are available. See attachment for kits, please inquire for additional pricing.
About Bike Bakersfield:
Bike Bakersfield is a non-profit bicycle/pedestrian advocacy group, aiming to promote bicycling and walking as a safe, fun, and environmentally friendly alternative means of transportation. Throughout the year we present bicycle safety assemblies at elementary schools, encourage and support high school clubs, and research routes for people to get to work, school, the store or where ever they want to go. We also have a bike kitchen where people can stop by and use our tools to work on their bikes. If they can't afford a bike, we offer a program where they can volunteer time to obtain a bike that fits their lifestyle. We believe that bicycling and walking directly affects the overall quality of life in the Kern County community.
About Bike Bakersfield Cycling Team & Jr Club:
The creation of the Bike Bakersfield Cycling Team (BBCT) and Jr. Development Club is another vehicle by which we are determine to support these goals of Bike Bakersfield and its friends. The BBCT will include a Elite/Pro Road/Mountain team with a focus on both road and mountain races along the west coast. The focus of the Jr. Development Club is to promote health and cycling, and allowing the youth access to the Southern California High School Mountain Bike League. Through this effort, we hope to promote youth cycling as a safe, fun, and healthy means of recreation and transportation. Please contact for sign up info! 
Thank you,  
Zac Griffin
Community Liaison
Cycling Team Director
"Come Racin', Leave Fit!"

Bike Bakersfield
Bicycling & Pedestrian Advocates
1708 Chester Ave.
Bakersfield CA. 93301
Biking make Bakersfield Fun!

Tony Kornheiser Urges Drivers To Run Down Cyclists

I saw this over at Prollys blog and it angered me quite a bit. I sent it to a few people and they had the same response. I figured I would share it with everyone here and ask what are your thoughts on this?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We have a winner for the scavenger hunt!

Cody Holubeck went throughout town and got all stickers and won a Bike Bakersfield shirt! Thanks for your interest in this event Cody! Keep posted for more random events like this! Anyone want to find a tire placed somewhere downtown? Keep an eye out for details.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


: in conjunction with 661Fixed, RideFastCrew, Kern Commuter Connection.

We present a ScavengerHunt for the Commuters.

- Kern Council of Governments (1401 19th Street)
- GET (available through Downtown Transit Center kiosks)
- Kern Regional Transit (available from drivers on all morning routes)
- Kern County Public Health Services Department (1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue)
- Bike Bakersfield (1708 Chester Avenue)

Get a sticker from all 5 locations and receive a nice prize-
contact- Ramon or Kevin at BikeBakersfield for info.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bike kitchen benefit

We are having the Second annual benefit race for our bike kitchen put courtesy of This year we will be having a fixed and a geared category so all you roadies please come and show your support. Last year we raise about $250 and this year I would like to see that number doubled. Help spread the word!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The woody Y century & Family fun ride

Start the cycling season by participating in this fun, well-organized ride to benefit the Asthma and COPD Education Center (ACEC). ACEC is a new non-profit dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of those with asthma and COPD through direct services to all Kern County residents.

The ride has a route for all levels of rider from novice to expert and families are encouraged to participate. Included are fully supported aid stations, experienced SAG support, and a wonderful lunch from Big Dan the BBQ Man. A fun festival will complete the event and will include music, food, a raffle, massage and acitivites for the kids.
Take your bike off the wall and out of the garage, dust off the seat and start pedaling to get ready for the Woody Y Century and Family Fun Ride.
Early registration ends April 1, 2010.
All riders MUST wear helmets.

 More info at Cycling For Asthma

Roadside Flats

We at Bike Bakersfield believe everyone should know how to change a flat. Flats happen and you should always be prepared. Carry an extra tube, a pump or c02, a tire lever and for those of us who have bolt on hubs make sure you have the appropriate wrench to get your wheel off. If you do not know how to change a flat please feel free to stop by the Bike Kitchen Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sat between 10am and 2pm or on Fridays from 1pm-5pm and ask me how. I will be more than happy to teach you!