Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Project Space is where I'm headed this weekend. After the ToC rolled throgh my town I want to see how the Mash crew handled there time on the road. The Tour of California is an invite only race of the top pros in the world. These guys invited themselves.

"We are an enthusiastic group of cyclists who have come from various endeavors to focus and share our passion for riding bikes. Not to be told where, with whom, or what we can ride, we enjoy the challenges associated with doing what we feel. Crashing the course of the 2009 Tour of California was such a challenge. 9 Days, 700 Miles, one gear ratio at a time." Via Arkitip

There is no question that these riders(MASHSF) have influenced my decision to ride across California on my journey from Bakersfield to Berkeley.- Ramon Jacquez


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