Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What does bad air quality even mean?

1. Is that if you are new to Bakersfield and had absolutely no idea of what the city had to offer visually, it would probably, more than likely take you 6 days to realize that Bakersfield is surrounded by some of thee most incredible Mountains.

No really look,
You're wondering "why would you post a picture of what looks like a place overwhelmed with air pollution, at least put a picture that shows the mountains"
The funny thing is that there are in fact nothing but Mountains right behind that horizon. Ejole

2. Is that almost everyone and their mother have asthmatic difficulties. I mean I can give you numbers if you want them. Kern County total population:800,458, keep in mind that Bakersfield has a population of roughly 300,000 being the biggest city in the Kern.
Pediatric Asthma:22,479
Adults with Asthma: no don't be silly, its more like 46,597
Is there really anyone with Chronic Bronchitis now days? um. yea.23,265 people do
Quick, Emphysema: Seven thousand seven-hundred and ninety
Lung Cancer: unfortunately we have those as well...424

Ok keep following, Bakersfield is ranked 2nd for most Toxic Cities in the entire US, beating NEW YORK?? WHAT! But, they, have far more cars per capita, Actually no.

It's progressively getting worse guys and gals.
My hope is that you (the reader) will do something about it. A policy maker cannot, but the people can. Will.

p.s. Riding a bike is the most effective way to do something about this.
Can we please?

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