Friday, November 4, 2011

MSG from Cory Saceaux

If you haven't heard, Douglas Kaiser, the man who hit and killed Alton Saceaux, plead no contest to felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated on Monday. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec. 12th. We are putting together a binder full of letters and pictures for the judge to read and see how much Alton's life and death has impacted us. Anyone and everyone, adult or child, who is interested in participating is encouraged to send us your thoughts, feelings, opinions, or pictures. This is the "people's" opportunity to let the judge know what was taken from us as the victims. You can send us a handwritten or typed letter, whether it be just a simple short sentence or a 20 page dissertation. The judge’s name is John Somers. All we ask is that you please keep what you say respectful. The content of this binder will be filed with the case and may affect the judge’s decision on the length and severity of the sentence. Please send everything to Thanks.

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